Tides App Reviews

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Does not work

Quits before fully loading first display. Problem signaled to developer: no reply. Do not waste your money.


No Information just updating. Wasted Money.


the program simply does nothing

Works well

This app does what it says and seems to be accurate. One issue with it is the display has an overlap and can make the results hard to read. Other than that it is a helpful app if you spend time in the water. Also tells currents. It would be nice to be able to choose a different location.

Overlap on display and only works Im wifi?

Awesome start just fix the overlap and this is perfect thank you. Seems also to only work in wifi mode? When wifi turned off and using 3g of crashed out once launched!

Update works great

Nova scotia works flawlessly my new favorite app

Suggested upgrade...

Good program! I am glad somebody has developed this for iPhone/iPod Touch! It would be nice to see a graphical representation of tide heights (on a chart) as opposed to just the high and low times. It would also be useful to be able to see information for a few months in advance as this can be a very handy planning tool for boat maintenance (determining the optimal time to take the boats out of the water, etc.). These two features would have bumped the rating from 4 to 5... I look forward to seeing an updated version - keep up the good work!

Great application!

Great application! I agree that a graphical option would be nice along with an option of the time period displayed.

Screen is a mess in the Pacifc North West

Tides fails to respond on many occasion on the iPhone and characters often overlapp in display. Good concept, needs major work though.

Still needs some work

I reallt like the concept but yea the text overlaps so hard to read and it would be a lot better if there was an option to have a graph chart to actuallt see the water levels.


This app needs Internet access to find tides... As if this is going to happen in the middle of nowhere on the ocean... Cheers, Klaus

Tides - Specify locations near

App does not allow ability to enter tide points near a selected location, which would be handy......

Locks up

This app locks up and shows tides that are a week or more old - even if you have wifi it doesnt work

100% Crap

Do not waste money o n this useless piece of crap!!!!!

do not buy this

A waste of money. It cant even get the location right. Send my money back. Clearly they dont know what they are doing.

Not suited to iTouch, nor east coast

I bought this on impulse as I was heading to a tidal area near me. It was key (as advertised) that I be able to use it offline when NOT IN A WIFI area, becuase coastal areas are almost by definition wireless. After I purchased it in a coffee shop, it was "updating" for about 15 minutes, before I ended up leaving the shop. So when I got home, I let it run all night - still updating in the morning. So I un-installed and re-installed it twice. Still cant get it to work. The way you "seem" to be able to enter manual lat/lon is not very intuitive, and has no help text. I still cant get it to work. Sent two support queries this am so we will see what happens next. I have never had this much problem with any other apps.

Tides---dont buy

It is not worth it even as a free app. Doesnt work. Cant find a single site. I live right beside one.

Worst Apps I

What a big waste of money. All it does is to to display updating for 4 seconds and then it quits! I cant even get to the point where I should be able to manually enter my coordinates. Go figure, someone isnt doing a great job of checking out what works before it goes into the Apps offerings. This one is very much a case of Buyer Beware!

Very awkward!!

The user interface is very awkward to say the least. Dont buy this app.


Downloaded the app and it never worked.

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